We only sell Ruin clothing and limited boards online (as art). We've had tons of experience correcting people who are wearing the incorrect size/style shoes, and skating boards that are no good for them, so we refuse to push online sales. There really is no way for us to help you skate better and get a proper thing via "internetting".

Did you know about 40% of decks are not the width they claim to be. The wheelbase and concave of a board are actually more important for most folks than the width anyway. Also, did you know, there is also no such thing as a shoe size! It doesn't exist. Think you know your size? What about the proper size shoe for skateboarding? What about the width of the shoe? Shape of the toe of the shoe? Insoles? Grippiness? Durability? If you think none of this matters, or if you think you can tell by looking at a digital photo, you really are limiting yourself.

Could we sell more stuff online? Surely! But we don't think we provide any service to you at all by just hucking something in a box and putting a stamp on it.

If you're buying online, you really are fooling yourself and limiting the potential (and the enjoyment) of skateboarding.

Try things on, stand on things, see them, feel them out, ask questions, but GO TO A SHOP, even if that shop is not Ruin. And, for now, we'll just leave it at that.